I Hate Snapchat

Snap chat doesn’t work for me!
Perhaps hate was a strong word. Let me explain from a personal standpoint! I am a 27 year old elderly millennial. My only regular snaps come from my visits to Nebraska to see my sister who is a Snapchat super fan. I also have a million things that require my full attention – most times. For example, crossing the busy streets of NYC, Chasing Subways or being present at work. Like seriously, who has time to make and watch a movie of my life every day?


Furthermore, does the world really need to see what I am doing all the time? What do I really have to gain?
From a business standpoint, it totally makes sense! It’s the perfect way to promote your business or organization. It’s so important that leaders adopt new social platforms to create opportunities for their business and to communicate with their constituents in innovative ways.
Snapchat is the perfect opportunity to create a community beyond your products and services.


Let’s look at the numbers. Snapchat has over 150M active users that produce 600M snaps per day! Big numbers right?
What are some of the things you can do with Snapchat to provide: access to your live events, deliver exclusive content, promote upcoming events or opportunities or partner with influencers.
Are your currently using Snapchat for personal or business use? Love it or hate it?


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