Amazon Launched a Checkout-Free Store!

I know I am late to the party but holy cow, food shopping and home services has just become more efficient from a consumer standpoint. I enjoy shopping via Amazon Pantry but this right here is a game changer!


Amazon believes it has come up with the best idea so far, with the introduction of Amazon Go.


The innovative food shopping app and experience is being piloted in a downtown Seattle grocery store that lets customers visit a traditional brick and mortar store, walk in, grab food from the shelves and walk out, without having to wait in a checkout line to pay.


The million dollar question is will this next generation commerce app disrupt the marketplace? Similar to the self-checkout technology in stores like Walmart, Publix and Stop & Shop the cost of labor will significantly be reduced.


It’s suggested that Amazon will likely place these stores in “Urban Communities” where millennials are looking for speed and convince.


Way to go Amazon, I am really excited to see where this goes.

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