Sleep Better with Your iPhone

If you have an iPhone and have trouble hitting the sack on time or even worse sleeping through the night, keep reading. There’s an app for that!

I struggle with going to bed on time each night. I feel as though there is just not enough time in the day. I spend a lot of my late nights trying to figure out my life – it’s a strange obsession.
A few months ago, Apple came up with the most amazing tool! The “Bedtime” feature and it changed my life (sort of).

The iOS new Bedtime feature can help you discover when you should power down for the night.
The smart alarm clock is just what some of us need to get more sleep.
The app also asks you a series of a question during setup: When you want to wake up when you plan to go to bed, and what your sleep schedule is like, etc.

How to activate Bedtime in the Clock app
1.    Open the Clock app.
2.    Tap the Bedtime tab.
3.    Tap Get Started.
4.    Choose when you would like your Bedtime Reminder and tap next.
5.    Select your wake-up sound and tap next.
6.    Hit Save in the upper right corner of the screen.

I’ve been getting better at taking the app seriously. My huge problem is walking away from my computer every night. Have you tried it, does it work for you?

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