Alicia Ray is the Manager of Product Marketing for AT&T AdWorks. Alicia spends most of her time transforming with the rapidly morphing digital media industry at the intersection of emerging technologies and content.

However, born in Jamaica, W.I. Ray knew by age six she wanted to become an artist. She pursued and completed her Fine Arts and graphic design studies at Design and Architecture Senior High School, Miami, FL, Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art and Design in 2011 from Florida State University, and in 2014, she received a Master of Arts degree in Interactive Media from Long Island University Post, Brookville, NY.

Although Alicia did not pursue a Fine Arts career path, instead being responsible for driving product marketing strategy and direction across the AT&T’s ad tech portfolio during the day, she continues during her spare time to explore gender, race, and black history in her artwork.

Believing in the great philosopher Mr. Ralph Waldo Emerson’s quote “Most of the shadows of this life are caused by standing in one’s own sunshine”, Alicia’s work explores just that… women with stiff demeanors, bold colors, and other arranged elements that represent the holding patterns women have been in for far too long.

She also spends most of her time as an adjunct instructor empowering college students to identify new areas of opportunities through technology-driven learning.

Additionally, Alicia is the recipient of the AD Club’s first class of I’MPART Fellows and has been a featured speaker at a number of events from ad:Tech, AT&T STEM forum and a host of career development programs.