Hi. I’m Alicia A. Ray.

I am obsessed with media + art + technology!

Media & Technology

I know first hand what resonates with consumers. I am a creative and strategic Senior Manager obsessed with consumers, media and technology. I have spent the last eight years’ bridging the gap between Digital and Advanced TV advertising through brand management, strategy implementation, product marketing, and graphic design. I am fascinated by the idea that brands give people something to believe in and something to stand behind.

With strong creative, technical and analytical skills, I understand personalization and have the ability to bring to life complex and technical information across various audiences. I am very passionate about uncovering consumer insights and delivering creative and innovative offerings that grow market share and brand reputation to improve customer experience and drive growth.

Fine Art

Alicia Ray’s work features women with stiff demeanors, bold colors, and other arranged elements that represent the holding patterns women have been in for far too long.